15 March 09

"Something wasn't natural about them, in addition to the fact that they weren't natural." -Col. David LeCours, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife chief warden.  He was talking about the antlers bolted onto the skull of a deer by Vermont dumbass Marcel Fournier, who will spend 10 days in jail for his abject stupidity.

28February 09

Ladies and Gentlemens!  The undisputed champions of suckitude*:
The Cleveland Browns!

*According to Google

22 February 09

The number of AC/DC songs with "Rock n Roll" in the title.  It goes up to 18 if you include all forms of the word "Rock".  "Ball" or "Balls" appears 4 times.

11 December 08

This Week:  Robert Byrd Speech Concerning Iraq, 2003 and a shorter cut of Byrd in action

25 November 08

I don't know if I can go on...
Mr. Bob Seger,  In the song, 'Turn the Page', are you seriously suggesting that some dude calling you a girl ruins your whole day, considering that you're a major star that gets laid any time he wants?
Get over it, man.

01November 08

The Pope Says Wealth Is Bad

No hyperlink...just don't be stupid.
11 October 08


Cursive is the Shark
Who only swims crookedly
and bangs into things.


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 11 May 2009
 Thanks for Doing Your Damn Job, Heroes

  Thanks, Grady Sizemore.  Thanks, Chesley Sullenberger.  And God bless you, Steven Colbert.  It's people like you that are the true heroes of this country, the lunch-packing men that provide the finest example of just doing your damn job.  If only the drive-thru jerk followed your example, so that instead of repeatedly getting no sauce when I clearly asked for extra sauce, I would, you know...get extra sauce.  Rocket science, minus the rocket, the science, and your ability to perform the most basic things well.

              Grady Sizemore performing his job adequately

  Sometimes I daydream of a world where Chesley Sullenberger is just a guy doing his job.  I would lay money he sees it that way.  He did the bare minimum.  The absolute least you can do if you're a professional airline pilot: deliver all your passengers safely...wherever they may be deposited.  Annoyed and inconvenienced, but alive and thrashing about.

  Way to do your job, Sully.  You can cash your paycheck secure in the knowledge that you better be able to earn it again next week in the same manner.  You Sir, are alright.

Too bad you're the exception instead of the rule.

             "Any landing you walk away from is a good landing." -some pilot

  Too bad the majority of America is busy trying to figure out if Britney is fatter than Jessica and which one is stupider than the other.

  According to the Internets, there are nutjobs out there who don't understand that Steven Colbert is joking when he says they are great.

Not as good an imitation of an asshole as Bill O'Reilly

Well played, Sir.  There can hardly be any higher praise than when you do your job so well that others don't even know you're doing it.  If there were a survey of my opinion of how you do your job, I'd think about checking 'Somewhat agree' instead of 'No opinion'.

Oh, there you are survey...  In case you didn't know, Bill O'Reilly and dooky are the same thing.

You are, indeed, welcome.  Keep up the serviceable work.


 On a total other note, Sign Number 5 that the Apocalypse is upon us:

Jhonny Peralta got an RBI base hit with two outs in an actual professional baseball game.  Major league, even. 

The Son of Satan or something similarly evil was surely born this day...mark it well.

In the same game, the Sixth S.O.T.A. appeared through the haze...

This guy later turned out just to be a masochist

Freakin' weird, Yo.