15 March 09

"Something wasn't natural about them, in addition to the fact that they weren't natural." -Col. David LeCours, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife chief warden.  He was talking about the antlers bolted onto the skull of a deer by Vermont dumbass Marcel Fournier, who will spend 10 days in jail for his abject stupidity.

28February 09

Ladies and Gentlemens!  The undisputed champions of suckitude*:
The Cleveland Browns!

*According to Google

22 February 09

The number of AC/DC songs with "Rock n Roll" in the title.  It goes up to 18 if you include all forms of the word "Rock".  "Ball" or "Balls" appears 4 times.

11 December 08

This Week:  Robert Byrd Speech Concerning Iraq, 2003 and a shorter cut of Byrd in action

25 November 08

I don't know if I can go on...
Mr. Bob Seger,  In the song, 'Turn the Page', are you seriously suggesting that some dude calling you a girl ruins your whole day, considering that you're a major star that gets laid any time he wants?
Get over it, man.

01November 08

The Pope Says Wealth Is Bad

No hyperlink...just don't be stupid.
11 October 08


Cursive is the Shark
Who only swims crookedly
and bangs into things.


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The Case for the No Bullshit Patriot

  As I write this, Congress is trying to figure out exactly which way they intend to hammer you, the American Citizen.  The choices currently before them range from exceptionally hard to extremely hard.  It may be the most brilliant play yet by George W. Bush in his "Plan To Destroy the Country I Hate, America" plan.
  For eight years, America's greatest enemy has been it's President.  The problems we didn't have a decade ago that now threaten our very existence as a world power are so many, to list them here would probably create a wave of mass suicides across the nation.  And you'd be right, suicidal bastards, because this country is seriously fucked for awhile, no matter who gets elected in November.
  The culmination of years of setting us up for the fall will come Monday morning, September 22nd, 2008.  That is when the ball will drop on the most ingenious plan to swindle the American People ever devised.  It will cripple your income and decimate your 401k, Citizen, and it will make millions of dollars for the assholes who's plan it was, and is.
After extensive research which any one can do, even you you lazy slug, I have come to understand what it is that's happening, and I'm going to do my damnedest to explain it to you.
Try not to go out and burn City Hall to the ground after you read it, because if you're not pissed off enough to consider it, you should just go back to watching American Gladiator and waiting for a tornado to destroy your trailer park.

     -The Beginning-
It started way before 2002, but in order to keep this under a million words, we'll start there.
  In this year some bad mojo was set in motion:  UBS hires Phil Gramm, a total asshole who has dedicated his evil life to making rich people obscenely rich, to lobby Congress on behalf of rich bastards.  He has already been doing his evil business as a Senator for years by this point.  For the next few years, he systematically helps gut every regulation and protection in United States Law designed to protect your money from greedy fucks.  Payday lenders, Rent-to-Own shops, Insurance companies, lawyers, real estate agents, government bureaucrats, Wall Street big boys, and particularly anyone who makes money by moving pieces of paper around, all start raking in larger and larger amounts of your money.  The Poor and Middle Class pay the tab here, but are faked out into thinking things are going well.  This is because as they are being slowly bled dry, they are offered cheaper and cheaper commodities.  That is, even a family that only makes $30,000 can still afford cable, a DVD player, a T.V., and a bus pass.  Cheap foreign crap floods the American retail market, so Johnny Sixpack can feel like a bigshot with his $15 wheel covers and his $250 'HD' T.V.
  Meanwhile, evil fucks are slowly reaching into your pocket and slipping out your billfold.  Many of them are what's called Subprime Lenders.  This is code for, "Pricks who take bad risks with other people's money".  These lenders do business like this: They create, thanks to Gramm's slashing and burning of laws against it, a set of lending criteria that promises bad credit risk borrowers a loan where they otherwise couldn't get one.  They do not do this out of the kindness of their black, black hearts.  They do it because they set up these borrowers to fail.  Failure means more money for them.  It works like this: Find a Sucker who can't afford a lawyer, doesn't understand the 47 pages of contract they're being pressured to sign, and is being told that they can buy that house they've been dreaming about. It turns out there are millions of them.  Sell them a loan loaded with backdoor clauses and asterisks.  Turn around and bundle hundreds of these bad risk loans together and sell them to investors (foreign and domestic) who are betting on getting their money.  Meanwhile, the borrower encounters backdoor clauses and asterisks, and defaults immediately or goes broke trying to fulfill their now ridiculous financial obligation, and then defaults.
  Presto, they just got some of your money and all of your house.  You just got fucked, but not for the last time.
  Now all these houses glut the market, being sold, foreclosed, and resold again to a new sucker.  Money is flying all over the place.  But eventually, the market is overloaded with houses, and the 'Housing Crisis' phase goes into effect.
  Remember back in 2002, when every other person you knew was buying or selling real estate?  I knew people who were Home Depot cashiers who moonlighted flipping houses.  Flipping houses used to be illegal, for good reason, but we're not getting into that.
Point is, there were a lot of common Joes getting a piece of the action.
This always pisses off the Big Money.  They don't want your grubby hands into their pot.  So, 'Housing Crisis'!
A jihad on the Middle Class.  All those people you knew flipping houses?  Back to flipping burgers for them.  They just got fucked, but not for the last time. 
  And all those houses started reverting to the Big Money, who will sell them back to us when it'll make them a dime.
     -The Middle-
  But hey, it's 2006, don't forget about all that high risk debt the Big Money sold to other Big Money.  Oh no, this is the genius part, the part the airlines, Big Oil, and S & L's (the last of which was bailed out by Bush the First...D'Oh!) have learned all too well:  Tie your existence into the American Economy, and you're home free.
  The First Rule of Big Money: Big Money Never Loses.
  So, in 2006, Henry Paulson, Jr., a Big Money bastard who was the CEO of Goldman-Sachs, is appointed Secretary of the Treasury by Guess Who Yes Bush and his then Republican majority Congress.
Those guys who bought all that bad risk debt?  Did I forget to mention that they are Big Money? 
  Big Money Never Loses.
     -Right Now-

So now it's right now, and Big Money simply turns to Washington and says, "Oh, Hi.  If you don't arrange for our bad debt risks to turn a profit, we're going to crash your stock market, and hence your economy."
Now, if you thought the American Government would rise up in mass indignation at this threat and swear relentless revenge on the perpetrators, well, you'd be way off.
  What Washington in fact is saying this weekend is, "Hey, no problem."
  Henry Paulson rides up to Congress on his White Steed of Salvation.  The name of his mount is American Taxpayers Now and in the Far-Reaching Future.
  He goes to Congress, he goes, "Hey, let's gut this horse to appease Big Money, and we'll all be stinking rich!"  Hazzah!
 Here is what will come out of Congress this weekend:
1. The American Taxpayer will be on the hook for $700 Billion dollars that he wasn't previously on the hook for.  And it WILL be more.
2.  Big Money gets it's profit on bad risk debt.  Bam you just got fucked again.  For at least the second time.
3. A whole new  bastard bureaucracy is born out of wedlock: The people hired to orchestrate this passing of money from You to Big Money.  700 billion is a lot to dole out.  This bureaucracy will not be under any oversight whatsoever, and essentially answerable to no one.  This is where that 'More' cost thing from 1 starts to come into play.  The government that politicians promise to shrink will grow ever larger and cost more money to run.  You are starting to get numb to the repeated fucking you're getting.
4.  The way the rules will be set up, banks will be able to not only sell their bad debt mortgages to you, they will be legally able to sell any mortgage debt they have, no matter the risk.  More of that 'More' cost I was talking about.  You are getting tag-teamed at this point.
5.  Since your tax money will be totally at work paying off Big Money and keeping the bloated government fat and happy, there won't be any choice for whoever the next president is if he wants to buy a peanut, or say, invest in alternative energy or education:  He'll have to raise your taxes.
  Ouch, you just got fucked again.
6. Meanwhile, your kids will be paying for Big Money's Big Payday, September 22, 2008.  And so, probably, will their kids.

7. You will by now have become one of two people: A Numb(er), or No Bullshit Patriot.
  A Numb(er), is just that, numb.  Resigned to getting screwed, and content to be Not As Screwed As That Guy Over There.  Living in ever present fear of terrorist attack or gays getting married or losing your thankless job.  Dedicated to keeping things just like they are, because change could ruin your fragile hold on things.  The thought that insanity lies in repeating the same mistakes in hopes of a different outcome is meaningless to a Numb(er).
  A No Bullshit Patriot, on the other hand, has decided to be tired of the fucking.  A NBP has decided that, even though it's gonna hurt a bit for awhile, changing the way things are done in Washington has got to get done.  No matter what it is, it's got to be different, because it can hardly get worse.  A NBP puts the fate of the country above their prejudices and their need for sameness.  They look beyond party to find a real way to stop the fucking of this great Nation.  No matter what their stance on any one issue.  A NBP puts aside their view on religion, economics, the war, or breastfeeding in public and focuses on what can be done to save this nation from collapse.
NBP's work hard, earn as honest a living as they can in a thoroughly corrupt system, and look out for their neighbors. 
Well NBPs, your neighbors are mighty pissed off right now, and you have a hell of a job ahead of you in straightening out this mess.  And Numb(ers) far outnumb(er) you.  But you are not alone, and if you look hard enough, you will find others.  The fate of this country, and indeed the world, rests on your shoulders.
  So take off that stupid lapel pin and let's get this DamnNation back.  Where is City Hall again?

P.S. Don't burn down City Hall.